AUTHENTIC THAI and SUSHI  CUISINE         Sexy Food for Sexy People

Sexy Food for Sexy People



                                                                                                 SUSHI                SASHIMI

                                                                                                 (2 pc per order)    (3pc per order)

Quail egg                                                                                                2.50               3.50


Salmon, Escolar, Shrimp, Saba, Conch

Octopus, Ika, Crab stick, Tamago                                                          4.50               6.


Tuna, Hamachi, Wahoo, Unagi,IKURA (salmon roe),                                         

 Masago,                                                                                                 5                   7


 UNI (sea urchin) , TORO , Amaebi( sweet shrimp)   1 pc / order               mp                 mp





*Fusion A               15

6 pieces of chef choice sushi and Shrimp tempura roll

  *Fusion B               22

9 pieces of chef choice sushi and Rainbow roll

 *Hosomaki Fusion           17

 California roll,J.B.roll,Shrimp tempura roll 

*I Love Salmon                   23

10 pieces of salmon and salmon roll 

*I Love Tuna                     26

10 pieces of tuna and tuna roll

*Sushi and Sashimi  Combo     25

A combination of 9 pieces of sashimi ,5 pieces chef choice of sushi and California roll

*Sashimi Mori Fusion            22     

A combination of 16 pieces slices fresh raw fish 

*Deluxe Sashimi Fusion          26

A combination of 22 pieces slices fresh raw fish including conch, octopus, imitation crab and shrimp

*I Love Sushi                  26

California roll, spicy tuna roll and 12 pieces chef choice of sushi
* Denotes raw items
Extra Charge will be applied to any modifications
Consumer advisory: consumption of raw or undercooked food may increase your risk of food-borne illness
Please notify your server of food sensitivities
Price subject to change without notice